We offer

FAMOS is on the one hand a center for counseling and therapies and on the other hand a meeting place and communication center. We are there for all people who live in the district of Perg, regardless to their age, sex, nationality, political view and religious belief, who have personal problems and problems within their families.

We offer:

  • Therapies and consultations
There are different therapies in FAMOS like therapy for adults, couples and families, therapy for kids and youngsters, therapy for children with dyslexic.
We offer consultations for families, adults and youngsters. For youngsters for example: not planned pregnancy, problems with parents, in school or at work. For adults we have counseling when there are problems in the relationship between the parents or between parents and kids.
We also have expert advice for healthy nutrition and for people who have cancer and for their relatives, as well.

  • We have courses and counseling for young families, like preparation courses for giving birth, massage courses for babies, counseling for breastfeeding, …
  • We organize special events like lectures, workshops and courses for adults concerning pedagogical, psychological and sociopolitical topics. These offers should support and strengthen the competences and the personal responsibilities of parents.
  • In our center support groups can use our rooms for free in order to discuss their problems and exchange experience and support.
  • We do projects to different topics, like projects for youngsters with overweight or sexual education.
  • We work in the frame of the Erasmus + Program (Youth in Action), we do Youth exchanges, training courses, partnership building activities and we are an EVS sending organization.

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